Partnering with Oak

For more than 30 years, Oak has worked with resellers, distributors, and technology partners to deliver market-leading solutions.

We place huge emphasis on building relationships and supporting vendors, from marketing and sales pitches to installation and support, going the extra mile to keep you and your customers happy.


An Oak business development manager dedicated to you.

We work closely with our reseller partners to deliver the right product, training and support package for you. Whether you want an informal chat on the phone or a face-to-face meeting to discuss our products and services, we’re by your side from initial enquiry to post-installation follow-up.


Design & Development is the hot house of Oak Innovation

We prioritise time and financial investment in designing, building, testing and improving every product that goes out the door. If you want your solution to integrate with your other systems, the development team are the ones who make it happen.


Our Helpdesk are here for you and any query you may have

Contact us by phone or email and we’ll do our best to respond to your questions in a timely manner, or pass them on to the best people to discuss solutions, fix problems, and make the difference.

Customer Services

Get the most out of your investment right from the start

We offer consultancy and project management, customisation and integration, to take you through the maze of options on offer to create a powerful, easy-to-use solution that’s right on target.

why work with us?

Our market-leading solutions

  • 30+ years in the recording and reporting industry, with 50,000+ systems deployed

  • Microsoft Teams cloud compliance recording & quality measurement

  • Microsoft Teams cloud reporting & call management

  • ContactAssist healthcare contact management solution 
    Call recording for any PBX or hosted phone system

  • Call reporting for any PBX or hosted phone system

why work with us?

Stand Out Against the competition

  • We're one of the few vendors offering both recording AND reporting for Teams using the Microsoft Graph API

  • Quick and cost-effective deployment of Teams cloud solutions

  • Hybrid Teams + PBX telephony recording scenarios covered with single portal access

  • Choice of cloud or on-premises Teams recording to meet all compliance needs

  • Oak API enabling CRM integration with our recording products

  • Market-leading healthcare solution supports better phone consultations, reduces DNAs, ensures contact details remain current and helps meet government targets

why work with us?

sales, marketing & product support

  • Rapid response times to all your queries, from sales to technical support

  • Sales assistance in meetings, demos, technical liaison etc.

  • Customer-centred marketing and campaign content

  • Competitive pricing and good margins

  • Training and webinars

  • All solutions maintained and supported by us inhouse so you don’t have to

  • Inhouse contact centres based in the UK/North America, including 24/7 year round support options

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Our Technology Partners

We insist on the tightest integrations and best performance from our products, which is why we work with leading phone systems and unified communication manufacturers to provide ‘as Native’ recording, reporting and contact management solutions.

Learn more about our Technology Partners and integrations.

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