How to Choose a Teams Call Recording Solution: 10 Reasons ClarifyGo Stands Out from the Crowd

Following the global pandemic and the rapid rise of remote work, many organizations have turned to Microsoft Teams as their main mode of communicating, both internally and with clients.

This in turn has forced businesses to look for solutions that provide the additional capabilities that they've been used to on their legacy telephony, whether that's contact centre features, analytics or call recording - all in the name of call management, intelligence, performance and compliance.

The Need For Compliant Recording

Compliance remains the chief reason that organisations record their calls. When it comes to recording Teams conversations for such purposes, particularly in industries that require a higher compliance level such as finance, it’s important to ensure that your chosen solution is suited to your requirements. Whilst Teams does have an inbuilt native recording system in place, it lacks the bigger features and functionality for analysis and compliance needs, and you’ll need to look to a third-party solution.

Depending on the different regulations that govern an organization, such as MiFID, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, and GDPR, your call recording solution will need to satisfy any stipulated requirements. Some call recorders may only capture traditional phone lines (PSTN lines) and not Teams calls, which means they miss a lot of information. Others can’t capture internal conversations, which is required under MiFID II legislation.

Oak’s call recording solution, ClarifyGo for Microsoft Teams, captures everything your business needs to meet compliance requirements, supports service improvements, and helps mitigate security risks.

Let’s look at the top 10 USPs that distinguish ClarifyGo from the other call-recording solutions in the market:

1. Cost-Effective Solution

With no set-up fees, hosting fees, support fees, or training fees, ClarifyGo offers a cost-effective solution, meaning businesses of all sizes can benefit from Teams call recording without breaking the bank.

2. Quick Installation

With remote installation, ClarifyGo can get you up and running with compliant call recording in under 30 minutes, minimizing downtime and allowing you to harness the benefits of Teams call recording swiftly.

3. Fully Certified by Microsoft

ClarifyGo is one of the select few recording providers globally to meet Microsoft's rigorous standards. Being fully certified under the Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams program gives you the assurance that you will be getting the high quality, reliability, and security expected from Microsoft.

4. Call Recording Graph API Integration

ClarifyGo uses Microsoft's Call Recording Graph API for seamless integration with Teams. This allows you to capture a wide range of call types including audio, video, meetings, screen-sharing, Team-to-Teams, PSTN, and mobile calls. This comprehensive approach ensures that every communication route is covered and that no valuable information is missed.

5. Call Routing Agnostic

ClarifyGo is compatible with various call routing options such as Microsoft Call Plans, Direct Routing, Operator Connect, and Contact Center. This flexibility makes it a versatile solution that adapts to different business setups and ensures that call recordings can be retrieved across different networks.

6. Flexible Storage Options

With ClarifyGo, businesses can choose between a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering in Azure or a customer-owned single instance, allowing them to maintain data sovereignty. This flexibility in storage options means that businesses can ensure that call recordings align with their specific data management preferences and regulatory requirements.

7. Fully Hosted Service in Microsoft Azure

ClarifyGo is also a fully hosted service, ensuring reliability, scalability, and security. Our solution is deployed and managed securely in Microsoft Azure, minimizing risk and upkeep in-house.

8. ClarifyGo API for Integration

The ClarifyGo API facilitates seamless integration with CRM systems, AI speech analytics, and contact center solutions. This also includes  integrations with other Microsoft business intelligence tools, such as Insights or Dynamics CRM, for a better and more efficient workflow.

9. Browser-Based User Interface

The user-friendly browser-based interface of ClarifyGo also allows users to easily search and replay recordings through any modern browser. This accessibility ensures that both managing and accessing recorded calls is hassle-free and convenient for users.

10. Global Storage Compliance Support

ClarifyGo supports storage compliance globally by enabling users to store recordings in their chosen Azure region in line with local regulations.

In addition to these standout features, ClarifyGo has also won three prestigious awards and three 'Highly Commended' recommendations in 2023, proving our commitment to excellence and innovation in Teams call recording.

For finance teams choosing a Teams call recording solution, it's crucial to prioritize functionality, security, and compliance. ClarifyGo for Microsoft Teams not only ticks all these boxes but also stands out as a leader in the market with a comprehensive, certified, and award-winning solution!

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