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Contact management for GP surgeries, dental practices and opticians prioritising professional, high quality patient care.


Certified for EMIS Web & TTP SystmOne  

ContactAssist integrates seemlessly with leading clinical IT solutions EMIS Web and TTP SystmOne, plus all leading phone systems. Keeping contact records up to date and providing great patient service has never been easier.

Caring for patients, equipping staff, driving funding

Great healthcare providers want the best outcomes for their patients, but face time and financial pressures to keep the business running smoothly. ContactAssist helps you achieve both.

By bringing together your patient CRM and your phone system, ContactAssist speeds up call handling times, keeps contact details up to date, and helps you reach quality of care targets.

Caller Identification

ContactAssist identifies callers for you to save valuable time. Key patient demographics associated with an incoming number are displayed, including name, GP, date of birth, NHS number, phone numbers, address and other household members, plus any additional notes and alerts. Create a separate address book for non-clinical contacts, from the window cleaner to nuisance numbers.

New Number Capture

Uptodate contact details are essential for staying in touch with patients and reducing DNAs. If a patient dials in on a new number, ContactAssist gives you the option to add it to the patient record and provides reports so you can check this happens. SMS communication is more effective, supporting campaigns and reducing the number of incoming enquiries.

Health Alerts

Alert fatigue is a common complaint for receptionists handling calls. With ContactAssist you can choose what you do and don't want to be flagged up, so the focus stays on the patient without falling short of QOF targets. Preload targeted lists of people due Covid or flu vaccines, those due long-term health reviews, or for safeguarding.

Care Quality Commission

The ContactAssist dashboard includes the option to add call handling notes to records. These alert the receptionist to patients who require particular sensitivity or support e.g. those with hearing loss, English as a second language or severe life-limiting illness.


An instant time-saver, Click-to-Dial minimises errors and speeds up outbound calls by letting you call from an address book, database, call history, web pages or a clipboard with a single click. You can also send useful appointment times, prescription names etc. by SMS in-app whilst on a call.

Home & Office Working

ContactAssist can be installed remotely and is compatible with all major phone systems, both on-premises and hosted. Designed for use in surgeries and practices, it's also perfect for staff using a teleworking phone at home.


What our Customer Are Saying

Testimonial Image

The Maples Medical Centre

ContactAssist has had a big impact on everyday contact with patients, making communication such as triage and appointment setting, far less stressful and much more efficient. Number capture means contact details stay accurate, whilst click-to-dial means we can speak to more patients in less time.

Dr Peter Fink

Maples Medical Centre

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