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Affordable, PCI DSS compliant payment solutions to help protect your business and your customers, wherever your team is working.


What is PCI compliance?

Millions of card transactions are handled by call centers every day. 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is there to protect you and your customers by improving security and eliminating fraud.

This means organizations must do everything possible to ensure that card details are not captured on paper or a call recorder or retained for longer than necessary.


PCI Compliant Recording Options

URL detection pause/resume

Designed for organizations using browser-based payment services. When you open the payment service tab, Clarify recognizes the page and automatically pauses recording until the transaction is complete.

API integration with applications

Use our API to integrate Clarify recording with your desktop payment application, so recording is automatically paused when the application is in use. Recording will resume once the payment is complete.


What our Customer Are Saying

Testimonial Image


“As head of compliance at Jobserve, I know that our Oak solution ticks all the legal boxes both in principle and in practise. In fact, we’ve been so pleased with our call recording system that we’ve installed it at one of our sister businesses, Colchester Utd Football Club, and also at our Atlanta office in the US.”

Alan Swan

IT Compliance Advisor
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Thomas Sanderson

“Agent Assist has been a fantastic addition to our call centre ensuring that no card data enters our environment. As we deal with a wide demographic of customers, using their telephone keypad to pay is something they often haven't done before.”

Greame McCartney

Operations director
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“A reduction of inbound calls directed at the contact centre has saved us money; enabling us to increase the level of customer service received by callers for non-payment related issues.”

Marston Group


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