Quality Measurement

Turn your call recorder into a powerful performance assessment tool with ClarifyQM.

Available with Clarify and ClarifyGo call recording for Avaya, Mitel and Microsoft Teams.


Quality Measurement
vs. Speech Analytics

QM and Speech Analytics are two different but complementary ways to assess performance.

Speech Analytics scans recordings for key words and sentiment, so you can quickly find specific parts of a conversation and gain a broad understanding of customer emotions.

QM offers a more tailored assessment to support specific goals, such as an agent’s ability to answer all questions or handle objections, if verbal consent is captured, and whether unlawful coercion is used.

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Unlock The Power Of Call Recording

ClarifyQM’s unique range of tools, analytics and reporting lets you target the areas of your organization that matter most - sales, customer service, support, compliance - to help ensure the best outcomes for your business and customers.

ClarifyQM perfectly complements other call recording assessment tools like speech analytics, sentiment analysis and transcription, to create a complete training and evaluation programme.



Create Projects to assess staff against key business objectives, so you can identify skill or knowledge gaps and improve performance.

√  Create your own Project goals, from service soft skills to sales knowledge

√  Define the calls you want to evaluate e.g. individual agents, groups, or a random sample

√  Apply tags to filter the types of calls e.g. complaints, appointments, PCI tags

Build a limitless number of Projects



Populate Projects with questions to uncover key insights. Tailor the question types to provide the most useful results.

Choose from different question types: binary yes/no, multiple choice, 1-10 ratings

No limit on the number of questions per questionnaire



View Project outcomes as comprehensive reports, charts and tables. Useful as one off surveys and continuous monitoring to track improvements and problems.

√  Reports, charts, graphs and league tables

Customised, colour-coded scores

√  Identify best performing agents

√  Identify skill/knowledge gaps

√  Provide 1-2-1 feedback via the Agent Dashboard