Quality Measurement & Speech Analytics: Which Is Right For Me?

By Laura Waterton

Compliance may be the biggest driver behind call recording sales, but quality of service and customer satisfaction are also huge business motivators.

Increasingly, we’re being approached by organizations who want more from their recorder than just ticking the regulatory boxes. Which is where tools like Quality Measurement and Voice Analytics come in.

These assessment tools are there to help you glean key insights into staff skills and customers’ experience interacting with your brand. Rather than blindlyand subjectively listening to random calls on playback, they offer structured evaluation and AI capabilities to assess, analyse and report on conversations. And they’re often surprisingly cost-effective.

So how exactly do they work, what’s the difference, and where are the benefits?

Quality Measurement

Any decent call recorder should offer some form of quality assessment module. At Oak, this is ClarifyQM, available as part of our Clarify and ClarifyGo call recording solutions.  

ClarifyQM provides a tailored form of assessment towards defined business goals. These might be ensuring compliance standards are met, identifying knowledge gaps in your sales team, or checking that customers are being treated with respect. These are known as ‘Projects’, and are applied to a selected sample of calls, whether they all belong to a single agent, a defined group or a random mix.

For each Project, you build a Questionnaire, choosing from question types including multiple choice, ranges and binary yes/no. There is no limit on the number of questions you can add. Your sample of calls can then be assessed by a supervisor and scored accordingly. Typical questions might be “Which products did an agent mention?” or “Did they capture verbal agreement from the customer”?

These results are then turned into useful charts, reports and league boards. You can see your best performers and who needs more training, as well as any wider issues. Quality Measurement is particularly good at picking up on nuance, such as use of illegal coercion in sales.

Speech Analytics

The strength of voice analytics lies in its ability to save time by homing in on key words as well as quickly garnering a broad view of customer satisfaction levels. We partner with the excellent people at Call Journey to deliver speech analytics to our Clarify and ClarifyGo call recording customers.

For some industries, the ability to scan for key words is essential when those words can be ‘bomb’ or ‘covid’. But for most, it’s a great way to quickly find a precise piece of information you’re after from a long list of calls or transcripts. You can also collate a playlist based on select key words, for example any calls that mention competitors, so you can make sure you’re addressing sticking points and winning more sales.

Conversation analytics also detect sentiment to gauge how happy (or otherwise) your customers are, so you can both understand what your agents are doing well and spot any trending pain points that need addressing.  

Choosing the best option for your business

Choosing between Quality Measurement and voice analytics largely comes down to business goals and budgets, so it’s worth thinking through what will deliver the most bang for your particular buck, and of course you may decide that you need both. A good sales rep should help you navigate the choice and offer you a full product walkthrough before you make a final decision.

Our Account Managers would be happy to discuss your options and provide some points of comparison with other products. To arrange a demo of ClarifyQM and/or Call Journey speech analytics, contact us at sales@oakinnovate.com

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