Christmas 2022 Opening Hours & Contact Info

By Laura Waterton

Happy Christmas from everyone here at Oak!

A few things to note before the holidays:

The office will close 23 December - 3 January

The Oak office will close from midday on Friday 23th December 2022 and reopen at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. We’ll do our best to tie up any loose ends before we go, making sure any outstanding orders are dispatched by midday on Wednesday 21st December.

We’ve still got sales and support covered

You can still get in touch with sales or support over the festive period on +44 1202 607 000 (UK) or +1 888 720 6968 (NA).

Our 24-hour emergency service is also available over the festive period, all day every day. If it’s not already included in your contract and you need immediate assistance, you can still use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis during public holidays. Please call +44 1202 607 000, option 2.

Health-monitoring service

And finally, if you’re using our health monitoring service, don’t forget to configure the service to match your working hours over the Christmas period.Have a fantastic Christmas!

Any questions, just drop us a line:

UK: +44 1202 607 000

North America: +1 888 720 6968

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