XtraCare: New Remote Access Service for SupportX Customers

By Laura Waterton

We've just introduced a way for customers to get support even faster.

XtraCare is designed for on-premise Clarify, Evolve, RecordX and ReportX deployments. It's available as an option to Gold Level SupportX customers and included in Platinum contracts.

Installed on your Oak server, XtraCare gives our technical support team continuous access to your system, reducing the pressure on your own IT department and avoiding time wasted requesting and providing access whenever it’s needed.

All fixes, issues and upgrades are quietly managed in the background without you needing to be present.

The result is less stress for your staff and a much faster turnaround on all reported issues.

Security and privacy remain paramount throughout.

For more information or to discuss adding XtraCare to an existing Support contract, contact servicedesk@oakinnovate.com

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