Post Pandemic, ContactAssist Has Never Been More Relevant

By Laura Waterton

Receptionists in GP practices provide critical frontline care to patients. But the number of phone enquiries they have to manage is often overwhelming.

It's a challenge that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic, which not only heaped extra pressure on NHS services, but also accelerated the move to phone and online appointment booking, consultations and services.

As a result, we're finding that our ContactAssist solution has never been more relevant or more needed to reduce some of the stress and help GP surgeries meet targets.


ContactAssist works by sitting between your phone and clinical systems (including EMIS Web and TTP SystmOne). It displays the corresponding patient details as calls come in and provides a range of other useful add-ons, all designed to speed up call handling time AND improve the quality of care and communications.

Here's how...

Quickly identify callers  

An incoming phone number is matched to the corresponding clinical record, displaying the caller’s details as soon as the call is taken, including GP, DOB, NHS number, phone numbers, address and other household members. This makes it quick and easy to verify who’s calling, and a single click opens the corresponding patient record in your clinical system.

Keep contact details up to date

ContactAssist identifies any incoming numbers that aren’t in your clinical system and prompts you to add them to a new or existing patient record. As a result, SMS messages and phone consultations are much more successful.


Save time manually dialling numbers by using Click-to-Dial anywhere within the system, including the address book, database, call history, web pages or clipboard.

Care quality notes

Add notes to alert receptionists of any additional care they need to provide over the phone, such as for people with impaired hearing or language needs.

Target alerts

Alert fatigue is a common complaint amongst clinical staff. ContactAssist lets you prioritise the ones that matter most so the focus stays on supporting the patient.

For every 2,000 patients in your system, we estimate you’ll save around 10 seconds per call. That’s 50 admin hours per year. *

If you're a reseller, offering ContactAssist alongside an appropriate phone system equals a much more attractive pitch.

For more details on ContactAssist or to arrange a demo, contact .

*Based on pre-Covid call volumes

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