Capturing it All: How to Plug the Recording Gap between PBXs, Hosted Telephony and Microsoft Teams

By Laura Waterton

The joys of working with a platform like Microsoft Teams are obvious. The ability to switch between chat, calls, meetings and file-sharing across a single interface make collaboration simpler and easier. Something we all need right now.

But even in the interests of our own marketing (as a Microsoft Partner), we’d be hasty to proclaim Teams - or any other UCaaS for that matter - as an inevitable digital leap or the single communications option on the table. Migration often takes time and the end solution needs to be right for you.

For a significant number of organizations, Teams is only part of their telephony set-up.

Many SMBs have bought into Teams to support homeworking but continue, at least formally, to use their legacy phone system to route external calls. Often their recording system is set up for the latter, so they’re hesitant to make the full transition to Teams, at least not yet. In reality, their workers' ad hoc use of Teams may be driving the switch faster than their IT departments do and these businesses need to be wise to recording everything they ought to across all platforms.

For larger, more complex organizations, migration from one system to another tends to be a lengthier process and the outcome often a hybrid solution anyway. They may use Teams for internal comms with traditional telephony still playing a role, or in some departments, but not others. Contact centers, for example, need to be able to route calls to agents and usually want reporting capabilities not available in Teams to manage agent and call activity.

And then there are businesses who, for reasons of security, want to retain telephony and recording on premise to reduce the risk of a data breach.

The problem is that a lot of call recording solutions on the market can only record either Teams or PBXs or hosted solutions; few can capture them all.

Oak Innovation has been helping organizations capture and report on communications for more than 30 years, and we use that expertise to build flexibility into our solutions.

Clarify integrates with traditional PBXs like Avaya IP Office or Mitel MiVoice Business, hosted systems like Gamma Horizon, and now Microsoft Teams (for video, chat and screen-sharing as well as calls).

So whatever your set-up, single or hybrid, you can capture all the conversations you need to within a single database that’s easy to access via a web portal.

Clarify fully supports regulatory compliance standards and includes training and analysis tools to improve performance.

For more information, or to discuss your telephony infrastructure and recording needs, give us a call on or email our experienced team at

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