Oak Partners With 8x8 To Deliver Automated PCI Compliant Recording To 8x8 CcaaS Customers

By Laura Waterton

Oak is partnering with 8x8 once again to bring automated PCI pause and resume recording to 8x8 CcaaS (Contact Center as-a-Service) users globally.

‘Clarify PCI for 8x8’ is a secure and cost-effective solution for organizations who record their calls and take card payments over the phone and who, in line with PCI DSS regulations, must ensure that the sensitive information on the back of credit and debit cards is not recorded and stored after authorization.

The new feature is expected to be popular with 8x8 recording customers, whose options until now have been limited to either staff manually pausing and resuming recording during payment - which is open to error and malpractice - or paying for a more expensive IVR payment gateway. The introduction of Clarify PCI for 8x8 will mean that 8x8 recordings can be automatically paused when an agent goes to the payment URL to enter the card details, only resuming once the agent completes the transaction and navigates away from the page.  

William Emm, CEO at Oak Innovation, commented,

“We are delighted to be working once more with 8x8 to provide their customers with a simple and secure way of processing payments without recording card data. We know from experience with our own recording products that this is a popular solution with organizations impacted by PCI compliance and are pleased to make the same choice available to 8x8 recording customers.”

For more information, please contact your Oak or 8x8 Account Manager, or email sales@oakinnovate.com  

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