Oak Innovation Partners with VOIP Networks to Deliver Compliance Recording to Mitel Users in the US

By Laura Waterton

Oak Innovation is excited to be working with VOIP Networks to deliver fully compliant, no hassle call recording for Mitel MiVoice Business.

Clarify call recording supports key regulatory standards and performance improvements. It provides a straightforward, affordable and easy-to-deploy alternative to competing call recording solutions.  

Compliance is a primary concern for many Mitel customers, who want a reliable solution that checks all the boxes without unnecessary complexity. Clarify supports standards including Dodd-Frank, PCI DSS, CMS and HIPAA, with features such as encryption, long-term storage, user-controlled access, custom recording rules and automated PCI pause and resume. Clarify also harnesses quality measurement tools to identify trends and concerns, as well as assessing user performance.  

William Emm, CEO at Oak Innovation, said,

“We’re delighted to partner with VOIP Networks to bring Clarify on Mitel MiVoice Business to their customers. This is about delivering fully compliant, yet straightforward and affordable call recording in response to requests from organizations no matter the size.”

Mark Mowad, COO from VOIP Networks, said,

“We are extremely excited to offer Clarify to our customers.  Oak Innovation provides a feature rich and reliable call recording solution that truly complements our services.”

For more information, contact sales@voipnetworks.com, 800-494-0000, www.voipnetworks.com

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