March 17th, 2020 4:05pm | Avaya, Call Recording, Clarify, IP Office,

As organisations discover the benefits of call recording and quality management, more and more are moving to extension-side recording to ensure they capture every conversation. For some, the ability to record both internal and external calls in this way is a regulatory requirement.

Until now, finding all recordings associated with an individual hot desk user has been a challenge. The latest Clarify release lets you record, store and index the conversations that matter by username, wherever your staff choose to work.

Richard Garel-Jones, Product Director at Oak commented, “This new capability means you only need to licence users that need recording. This represents a significant cost saving for many organisations.”

Oak is also releasing an enhanced API for Clarify, ideal for organisations looking to improve operational efficiency and provide a better customer experience through integration.

Marketing Manager, Ian Bevington, added, “RecordX users who can now migrate their voice data to Clarify. This means existing customers can enjoy Clarify’s advanced features and access their legacy recordings through one easy-to-use interface.”

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