City of London Investment Management Chooses ClarifyGo recording for Teams

By Laura Waterton

City of London embraced Teams as their phone solution to support hybrid working.

They needed a call recording solution that complied with FCA regulations to protect their business and customers. After considering several alternatives, they chose ClarifyGo from Oak Innovation.  

The customer’s story

Lewis Rockowitz, US IT Manager at City of London, explains why ClarifyGo was the right choice for them.

The need to support hybrid work

“In the wake of the pandemic, we were keen to find a cloud phone solution that would support flexible working, from home or the office, whether people used their laptop or mobiles to make calls. Microsoft Teams fitted the bill perfectly.  

As a financial services company, we come under FCA jurisdiction in the UK, which means that we also needed to be able to record, store and process all our calls in a secure and compliant manner. Teams native recording doesn’t offer that level of security and, of course, is limited to recording Teams-only calls not PSTN lines as well, so we started looking at recommended third-party solutions.

Finding the best solution

We took the best part of a year to weigh up the pros and cons of several call recording options. In the end, we felt that Oak had the best solution in ClarifyGo, as everything was cloud-based. On premise alternatives from competitors just posed too many (unnecessary) hoops to jump through. When Oak Onboarding Engineer, Lee Porter, told us we just needed to plug it into our Teams Tenant to get going, it seemed too simple. But he was right, it didn’t take long at all!

Why we chose Oak (and will do again)

ClarifyGo ticks all the necessary compliance boxes and shows that we are working with due diligence. The fact that we can control which types of calls and extensions are recorded is essential. The UI itself is really nice, with a good search facility, great flexibility, and the ability to group user calls together for reference. In short, it does everything we need it to do without being overly complex.

I also want to say that the post-sales support from Oak has also been outstanding. So often businesses sell you a product that might be great, but they can really let you down on post-sales support. Oak provides articles and video resources that are both easy and helpful to follow, and their team are great at answering questions about everyday use.”

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