Call Recording For Local Government: The Big Benefits

By Laura Waterton

Local authorities provide many important services to the general public. This means that councils need to work to a high standard and stay as customer-focused as possible.  

Adding call recording to any contact centre is one of the best ways to monitor, maintain and improve service. It's also a valuable tool in protecting local authorities from abuse and speeds up dispute resolution.  

Choose your call recording partner well, and you can look forward to these major benefits:

  1. Training & service improvement

Call recording is an excellent way to train, monitor and assess staff. Create playlists of experienced staff handling calls to train up new employees and listen into live calls to offer support. Assessment tools like Quality Measurement and speech analytics are an excellent way to review call samples, identify training gaps and spot trends.

  1. Informed decision-making

Listening to your customers is the best way to understand their needs. By tagging calls associated with a complaint or issue, or scanning a sample list for customer emotions, you can quickly build up a picture of how important and widespread a query is and respond.

  1. Resolving disputes

Misunderstandings and disputes may be inevitable but call recordings can clear them up quickly. The ability to review who said what can prevent costly court escalation and provides legal evidence if needed.  

  1. Investigating criminal activity

£8.3 billion was overpaid in benefits in 2022-2023 due to fraud and error.* Simply informing callers that you record calls can be a deterrent to fraudsters, and recordings can provide vital evidence in an investigation, making the investment worth it many times over.

  1. Protecting staff

Staff need to be looked after and verbal abuse shouldn’t be tolerated. Capturing conversations provides evidence against harmful behaviour and supports injunctions where needed.

  1. Capturing verbal consent

Whilst it’s important to ensure information is correct, waiting for written documentation can delay critical action. Capturing verbal information or consent on a call means that processes like changes to circumstances can be actioned more quickly. Ideal for areas like benefits or social care.

How Oak can help

ClarifyGo call recording for Microsoft Teams helps deliver all of the above. It also fits with your existing telephony structure, which makes it easy to get up and running.  

  • Flexible deployment - ClarifyGo works in a Microsoft Teams only environment or can be deployed alongside Clarify for PBXs like Avaya IP Office and Mitel MiVoice Business.
  • Call routing agnostic - ClarifyGo taps directly off the Teams Tenant, so you don't need to change your call contract.
  • Captures all call types - ClarifyGo uses Microsoft Graph API integration so it can record all types of calls – audio, video and screens. This includes Teams and PSTN lines. It also includes internal calls as well as calls with external parties, although this can be turned off if it isn’t needed.

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