Providing the right service at the right time to the right people is key to customer satisfaction, but protecting your business from libel and abuse is critical to your time, reputation and profit-margin. We’ll help you do it all.

Friendly & Efficient Service

Recorded calls can be used to hone service skills. From coaching staff on what to say and how to say it, to double-checking phone reservations to ensure you act on the correct information; you’ll make fewer mistakes and have more satisfied customers.

Real-time call reporting will help you stay on top of call activity in your contact centre, by monitoring call volume, agent and group activity. Over time, you can pre-empt busy periods and plan accordingly, as well as responding to unexpected spikes as they occur. By moving calls, changing agent status and opening up overflow groups, you can increase productivity and keep customer waiting times to a minimum.

Protect Your Business

Call recording also protects you from customer disputes, which can quickly get out of control and cost you time and money. You can provide encrypted evidence of exactly what time a customer ordered a taxi, for example, if they claim it turned up far too late. And if you enter into long-term contracts with businesses, you can record any service they hire and put on the company tab. Should they dispute their final bill for any reason, you have the necessary proof to resolve the issue amicably; if they were trying to take advantage of you, they’ll be unlikely to do so again.

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