Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to performance and service. Efficiency, accuracy, knowledgeable staff, and first-class sales and service skills are all vital to successful customer interactions and bottom-line results.

Upskill Agents

Call recording is an excellent tool for training and monitoring service skills in individuals and teams. It can capture conversations as well as screen activity, so you can track performance, clarify agreements, and - where necessary - quickly settle disputes over who said what.

Should you handle financial transactions over the phone, Oak call recording includes compliance options to satisfy FCA, PCI DSS and MiFID II regulations.

Manage & Improve Campaigns

Oak’s real-time reporting and performance analytics capture every detail of every call, from the moment of connection until the caller hangs up. Customised wallboards let you monitor KPIs in real-time, whilst reports help you build up a picture of performance over time. You can monitor call, agent and group activity, and respond rapidly to spikes in traffic. You can even capture details of ‘lost’ calls so you can call customers back.

Further capitalise on your investment by integrating time-saving tools such as progressive and predictive diallers, SMS, and media-blending.

Win More Business

If you outsource your telemarketing services, recording and reporting on calls will help you create a portfolio of evidence that supports your bid. They will support your claim that you can effectively manage call traffic, and that you are committed to developing and maintaining the highest standard of customer service and communication skills within your team.

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