With increasing tenant expectation, growing compliance requirements and welfare changes landlords face challenges on many fronts. You need to provide a friendly and efficient point of contact for tenants, manage a stream of diverse enquiries, cope with an influx of calls in a localised emergency, and ensure third party contractors keep to their agreement.

Keep tenants happy

Call recording can be used to train and monitor staff to ensure current tenants and potential customers are treated politely and helpfully. You can learn a lot from listening to your top performers and pass on their skills to others.

Effectively handle concerns

Call recordings tell you what your customers need you to hear. Each call can be tagged with a particular category, so you can identify the most common questions and subjects that tenants call in about and any trending problems. You can then create a list of FAQs on your website to help reduce call volumes, and coach agents to ask the right questions to channel queries and speed up resolutions.

If you make and receive a lot of calls, real-time call reporting will let you monitor queues, predict spikes, and allocate resources to the departments that need it most.

Manage work carried out

Recording calls provides great leverage when employing 3rd party contractors to work on your properties. If they aren’t delivering to the standard or time frame you expect, you can produce evidence of terms discussed on the phone and any complaints from tenants.

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