In retail, it’s all about connecting with the customer and keeping them happy, whilst minimising the time and money spent resolving problems that could harm your reputation.

Great Service

Use call recordings to monitor and improve service standards in every department – sales to customer services, order-processing to deliveries - so staff are friendly, helpful, and reflect company values. Choose best-practice examples to coach your people how to handle enquiries and complaints to bring about a fast and satisfactory resolution.

Recordings can also be played back to confirm verbal agreements, whether that’s an appointment time, an order, or compensation. In case of customer disputes, you’ll have tamperproof evidence to hand.

Slicker Operations

Tagging recordings with custom flags helps create a clearer picture of common queries or concerns, as well as trending topics. With this information you can create website FAQs, set-up designated helplines, and even inform strategic decisions to improve the products and services you offer.

If you handle high volumes of customer calls, consider adding call reporting and CRM integration to further improve the customer experience. Call reporting will assist the management of peaks and troughs as well as a sudden influx of calls. CRM integration displays the corresponding customer record when a call comes in, so you have everything you need to know to hand – really helpful when dealing with an ongoing issue or order.

Better Security

Any payments made over the phone are captured, whilst the card details can be suppressed in line with PCI DSS regulations – just choose the set-up you want.

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