Fast, Effective Staff Training

Quickly Train Employees

Select a playlist of best practice call scenarios to train new staff more effectively. New starters get the information they need without listening to live calls.

Assess Performance

Create projects to support key objectives - such as customer greeting and upselling - to assess performance and inform training needs.

Identify Your Stars

Assess individual performance against preselected criteria and sales outcomes to identify your best performers, then use share best practice to develop others.

Evaluate. Collaborate. Innovate.

Clarify Quality Measurement (QM) provides the tools to assess and improve call handling. By scoring agent performance against predefined criteria, QM can be used to inform strategy and identify training gaps. Predefined criteria can be used to collate best practice examples to develop individual and team performance.

Shared Responsibility

Start A Dialogue

Unique notes system assists managers and staff to discuss recorded calls, fill knowledge gaps and improve technique.

Manage Self-Assessment

Share performance scores with staff, or allow staff to assess their own performance, and identify areas together for improvement and individual targets.

Nurture Better Experiences

QM can be tailored to assess the quality of an interaction: staff who feel equipped and encouraged to handle calls well will provide a better customer experience.