Digital technology offers the UK a real opportunity to tackle a decade of stagnation in productivity and earnings. As we approach the 4th industrial revolution, known as Manufacturing 4.0, UK organisations are taking a first move advantage by embracing digital transformation to improve operations, increase agility and manage risk.

The manufacturing industry is increasingly dependent on global collaboration, working with best-in-class suppliers, leveraging remote facilities and serving a global client base. Timely and accurate communication is key to multilateral cooperation.

Capture Every Detail

Oak’s award-winning call recording enables manufacturing organisations to capture every detail. Call and screen recording is a valuable tool that helps to protect your business by reducing errors and resolving disputes before they escalate into more time-consuming issues.

Manage Service Levels

More and more organisations are investing in client experience to deliver a competitive edge. Our call analytics help manufacturing organisations take control of communications by providing dashboards and wallboards to monitor call volumes, manage activity and analyse service levels more effectively.

Transform Operations

Looking to get your people and systems working together for better results? Our Integrate portfolio allows manufacturers to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management with telephony. When a call arrives, staff have the information they need to provide a speedy and professional service.

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