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Maximise Your CRM Investment

Transform customer experience by bringing static data alive. Keep your data up to date and simplify access to client records. Improve engagement by communication enabling your applications.

Simplify Operations

Automate common front-line operations to speed up call handing, simplify compliance and reduce frustration. Help individuals and teams to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Get In Touch Faster

Caller Verification

Selected demographic information can be displayed to assist with caller verification. When confirmed, the callers record is automatically opened to ensure front line staff have the information they need at their fingertips.

Number Capture

Keep contact details accurate with a system that identifies new numbers when a customer phones in so staff can add it straight to the client record, whilst old mobile numbers can be checked to make sure they are still registered to a network.


An instant time-saver, click-to-dial minimises errors and speeds up outbound communication by enabling numbers to be called from an address book, customer database, call history, web pages or a clipboard.

Slicker Operations

Service Alerts

The information you need at your fingertips. Integrate customer data and telephony to automatically flag special call handling instructions, display appointments or contract renewals and the open client record.

Faster Payments

Simplify PCI DSS compliance and free up staff to focus on delivering great customer experience. Agent assisted payment IVR de-scopes your office environment from sensitive card information, or opt for a fully automated 24/7 payment service.

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PaymentAssist is a cloud-based IVR payment service that simplifies PCI DSS compliance by removing card payment data from your office environment. Choose from agent assisted or fully automated self-service options.


ConnectX is a contact management solution that brings static data to life through telephony integration. ConnectX can integrate with most common CRM systems and many industry sector specific databases.

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What Our Customers Say

“Oak’s call recording is a valuable asset in training frontline staff; the ability to handle difficult conversations with patients helpfully and with sympathy is a crucial part of the job.”

Jayne Billington, Business Manager, Bryntirion Surgery

“PatientConnect has had a big impact on everyday contact with patients, making communication such as triage and appointment setting, far less stressful and much more efficient. Number capture means contact details stay accurate, whilst click-to-dial means we can speak to more patients in less time.”

Dr Peter Fink, Maples Medical Centre

“We use call reporting to understand when the team on reception need additional phone support, which in turn means we can answer more calls more quickly and provide better care for patients even during busy periods.”

Julie Wade, Practice Manager, Betts Avenue Medical Centre