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By Ian Bevington, Oak Innovation

More and more people are avoiding the high street, preferring to buy online or over the phone. While front and back office staff do their best to manage the increased workload, IT staff are under pressure to protect huge volumes of data and avoid security breaches.

Here’s a few tips to help you manage the Christmas period:

Automate routine tasks

Integrated systems assist staff to adhere to policy and avoid mistakes. Process automation speeds up customer verification and database lookups. Staff are less stressed and better able to focus on providing a great service, even during the busiest periods.

Review PCI DSS compliance
Following recent improvements to online and face-to-face card transaction security, the fraudsters’ attention has turned to phone payments. Using manual pause and resume recording when customers give their card information over the phone is likely to lead to mistakes. At best, time will be wasted, at worst, it could lead to a serious data breech.

Provide regular security training
Frontline staff should be informed about current fraudster tactics and able to identify a suspicious calls or emails. Similarly, IT staff should be aware of the latest threats and equipped to address weaknesses.

Ensure software is up to date
Reputable software vendors will know about security threats and have processes in place to address vulnerability. Many offer support plans that keep you informed and provide access to critical notifications and updates; ensure you make the most of them.

How can Oak help?

CRM integration
ConnectX improves caller verification and speeds up access to customer data through telephony integration with 100s of CRM systems. Staff have the information they need at their fingertips; stress levels are reduced, and mistakes avoided.

Payment automation over the phone
PaymentAssist is a cloud-based payment service that collects sensitive card data using touch tone digits entered on the caller’s telephone keypad. The office environment is descoped from sensitive card data and calls can be recorded end to end.

Support Plans

SupportX offers three support plan options to meet the needs of non-critical, essential and business critical applications. All our plans include subscription to Newswire, a service that keeps users informed about our products, including security notifications and software updates.

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