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In the private sector, established organisations need to prepare for new entrants who will challenge long standing business models. In the public sector, cloud is providing access to all important shared services, underpinning the next round of cost saving and service improvements. Over the next decade, we will move from unified communications, collaboration and omni-channel customer interaction to a new era, defined by artificial intelligence, virtual reality and advanced analytics.

Increasingly these three business imperatives will drive performance

  1. The big idea

Successful organisations are creative, have big ideas and the conviction to deliver on them. Cloud lowers the barrier to technology and enables new ways of doing business. This is especially true for small and mid-sized organisations who may not have the resources to deliver complex ICT projects inhouse. New ideas can be piloted, implemented and optimised with a minimum of fuss.

  1. Execution excellence

Today, a range of disjointed business tools deliver a partial view of company performance. Looking ahead, cloud-based analytics will take information from a wide variety of sources to deliver a detailed and holistic view of performance from productivity through to customer sentiment.

  1. Protecting Reputation

Every day we hear about data breeches and threat from cyber-attack. In an online world where news travels fast, an organisations reputation can be ruined within 24 hours. In addition, regulatory bodies like the Information Commissioners Office have the power to hand out huge fines. Cloud enables a higher level of security to be applied through economy of scale. Looking ahead expect universal encryption, sophisticated analytics, surveillance to manage risk more effectively.

Today, most, if not all, cloud capabilities could be delivered from an on-premise solution. Looking ahead, it’s likely that advanced capabilities will only be viable when delivered from the cloud.

How can Oak Help?

Oak is a provider of recording, analytics and CRM integration to help organisations protect their reputation, meet compliance and improve customer experience. Our solutions can be delivered on premises or from a private of public cloud. From more information see

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