March 26th, 2019 8:41am | Call Recording,

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1. Protect reputation

The real-time nature of voice communications is a key strength, however, with no way to check on the detail or resolve disagreements, many of us resort to email. In doing so, we fail to build lasting relationships and impact business agility through slow decision making. Call recording provides a record of ‘who said what’ to avoid misunderstandings and speed up dispute resolution.


2. Manage Compliance

Leadership teams have a responsibility to manage risk on behalf of clients, employees and shareholders. With news about data breeches hitting the media every week, organizations are placing a higher priority on data security and compliance. Call recording can help organizations support compliance from GDPR and MiFID to PCI DSS and HIPAA.


3. Improve customer experience

With commerce increasingly online, the opportunity to speak with your customers is highly valuable. With this in mind, contact centers are moving towards a blend of quantitative and qualitative measures. Call recording quality management helps organizations to develop new call tactics, get new starters up to speed and focus frontline staff on improving the quality of conversations.


Ten considerations when choosing a call recording solution:

  1. Does the solution fit with my chosen IT frameworks and deployment models?
  2. Is my call recording requirement standard, essential o business-critical?
  3. Do I need to record calls in more than one location?
  4. Have we considered the value of call recording across all departments / teams?
  5. What compliance standards apply and how does the solution support them?
  6. What storage and archiving options are available and how long do we need to keep voice data?
  7. Do we need quality management tools to evaluate and improve the quality of conversations?
  8. How easy is it to search, find and playback recordings – ask for a demonstration
  9. Can we share conversations with individuals under the control of an administrator?
  10. Are the recordings stored in a tamper proof format to support litigation?

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