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Smart organisations embrace compliance regulation by using change as an opportunity to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. Here’s some best practice advice to keep your contact centre safe.

  1. Secure executive buy in

With so many other priorities, senior executives may find it difficult to understand new and evolving regulation. It’s vital that you identify and highlight risks. A breach may have far reaching consequences with potential impact on your brand, customer loyalty and investment community. Senior executives are usually risk adverse, care about protecting their investment and will support compliance activities.

  1. Don’t delay

Typically, new regulation is published way ahead of the effectivity date. With time to spare, organisations choose to prioritise other activities, leaving insufficient time to implement compliance effectively. Processes are poorly documented, corners cut on training and the opportunity to improve customer experience missed. The business remains open to breach. You won’t be thanked if you get it wrong!

  1. Choose resilient solutions

Through clever process design and appropriate application of technology, the risk of non- compliance can be minimised. Work with vendors that understand compliance, are aware of the pitfalls, and can help you create resilient solutions that increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience. Secure a competitive advantage by getting ahead of the game!

  1. Ongoing commitment

Too many organisations focus on achieving certification, then fail to manage compliance on the day to day basis. A simple process change, an office move or new starter is all it takes to be non-compliant and expose your organisation to risk.


How can Oak Help?

Oak Innovation provide technology to support compliance. Our call recording and quality measurement solutions include features that help to protect your reputation and meet GDPR, MiFIDII and PCI DSS regulation. Our payment automation service improves card payment over the phone by eliminating sensitive card information from the office environment. Our telephony / CRM integration solutions reduce risk by assisting with adherence to policy.

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