December 03rd, 2019 10:02am | Call Recording, ContactAssist, GMS, Primary Healthcare,

By Ian Bevington

In support of these aims, new standards have been published necessitating the implementation of appropriate telephony and call handling systems to support the needs of callers and avoiding the need for people to call back multiple times.

By March 2021 …

  1. “All Practices must record inbound and outbound calls”

Oak’s cost-effective call recording solution works with almost any on premises or hosted telephony solution.

  • Intuitive interfaces make it easy to find and share recordings to prove who said what
  • Oak call recording includes features and reports to help manage GDPR.
  • Build playlists of routine and exceptional calls to get new starters up to speed faster

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  1. “All Practices must meet new call answer and abandonment metrics”

    Oak innovation’s ContactAssist integrates your clinical record system and telephony to
  • Speed up call handling and help with adherence to policy
  • Capture new contact information and improve outbound communication
  • Make it easier to manage campaigns, meet metrics and secure funding

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  1. “Practices should be able to interrogate their phone systems and analyse the data”

    Running a telephony system without call analytics is rather like driving a car without a dashboard. Oak call analytics provides the wallboards and reports you need to
  • Prioritize call handling during busy periods
  • Identify bottlenecks before they affect patient service
  • Prove you are consistently meeting GMS Contact service levels.

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In most cases, there’s no need to replace your telephone system. To find out about our cost effective ‘GMS telephony rescue package’ call our sales team 0800 9889 625

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