March 31st, 2020 9:30am | Call Recording, Clarify, Mitel,

Mitel customers can choose between a cost-effective, standard integration, or an advanced web services integration that leverages Mitel’s Open Integration Gateway (OIG) and Secure Recording Connector (SRC).

Richard Garel-Jones, Product Director at Oak commented, “Clarify supports multi-site and resilient deployment options to meet the needs of larger, distributed organisations with business-critical needs. An integrated health monitoring system flags any concerns and helps to maximise uptime.”

The Clarify interface is easy to navigate and includes features to simplify compliance and help organisations deliver a better customer experience. CRM systems can be integrated using an enhanced API to simplify search, playback and GDPR compliance.

Ian Bevington, Marketing Manager at Oak Innovation commented, “Clarify is a pure software recording solution that matches Mitel’s freedom of deployment to protect investment. Clarify now integrates with MiVoice Connect, MiVoice Business and MiCloud Flex; it can be deployed in a virtualised environment and offers both standard and advanced integration options. With this level of flexibility, Clarify is able to evolve alongside your business needs.”

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