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The telephone continues to be a key method of communication within the legal sector. Making notes during a call can be a distraction and is unlikely to result in a complete and accurate record of the conversation. There are other challenges too. Important information may be over spoken, clients may be calling from a noisy environment or have an accent that is difficult to understand.

Call recording can address many of these issues by securely storing an accurate record of every phone conversation. Here’s how Oak call recording can help

  1. Avoid mistakes
    No need to make notes during a call. Search and listen to the whole conversation or playback each side of the conversation independently* to understand who said what with clarity.
  1. Protect your firm’s reputation
    During the 12-month period ending 30th September 2019, the Legal Ombudsman made decisions on more than 1,700 complaints. Call recording enables legal firms to check the facts and resolve issues before they escalate, consume valuable resources or damage reputation. All calls are securely stored in a tamper proof format and can be used in a court of law as evidence.
  1. Improve client service
    Identify call scenarios, develop call tactics and share best practice to improve your performance. Create playlists of routines and exceptional best practice calls to get new starters up to speed faster. Empower legal assistants and call center agents to share information and improve your client’s experience.

To learn more about call recording download our ‘Should We Be Recording Calls?’ white paper.

Do you take card payments over the phone? Oak Innovation’s secure payment service descopes your office environment from sensitive card data and offers agent assisted, self assisted & ‘Click to Pay’ options.

To learn more about secure payments download our ‘Payment Card Industry Compliance’ white paper.


*The ability to playback each side of a conversation is dependent on your business telephony provider.

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