By Ian Bevington, Oak Innovation.


To put customer experience at the heart of an organisation, companies need a management team with the confidence to empower front-line staff and the financial backing to make it happen.

Companies that succeed in customer experience are underpinned by friendly, helpful staff that are proud of their company and the work they do. Technology has a key part to play in managing priorities, automating processes, reducing frustration and providing insight into performance.

Key Challenges:-

  • Many organizations don’t achieve the level of staff engagement necessary to deliver exceptional service.
  • As more commerce moves online, those rare opportunities to speak and build a relationship need to be exceptional.
  • Too often, leadership teams incorrectly think their staff are committed to customer experience.
  • Increasingly, employees are putting flexible working, job satisfaction and their working environment ahead of financial reward.
  • Multiple interaction channels and higher transaction volumes are making frontline roles more challenging.

Behaviour of customer focused organizations:-

  1. Create and share a compelling, customer focused vision with employees. Provide staff with a sense of belonging, a common purpose and an opportunity to be part of something special.
  2. Hire like-minded individuals with values and behaviours that are compatible your vision. A new hire with a positive attitude can be trained, a skilled hire with a bad attitude is unlikely to result in an engaged employee.
  3. Reduce frustration by using technology to help with repetitive tasks. Automation can assist companies to ensure adherence to policy, provide a consistent level of service and avoid costly mistakes. Staff can focus on delivering a great customer experience.
  4. Engage staff by empowering them to focus on continuous improvement. The highest levels of service are achieved when employees take responsibility for their own performance. Provide the tools they need to develop new tactics and share best practice.
  5. Keep an eye on long term trends. Over time, your competitors evolve, customer expectation changes and staff performance can plateau. Use call analytics to identify and address long term trends before the customer experience is impacted.


How Can Oak Help?

Clarify call recording and quality management helps front-line teams to develop call handling tactics, identify shortfalls and share best practice.

Evolve call analytics provides front-line staff the real-time information they need to handle calls during busy periods. Evolve historical reporting helps contact center managers identify and address long term trends.

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