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The thought of seeking specific, informed and unambiguous consent is daunting. There’s no guarantee that engaged customers will prioritise and respond to your polite requests. The need for double opt-in to prove an individual has responded makes the process more onerous, and with so many businesses seeking consent, individuals are suffering ‘consent overload’.

Here are a few tactics to consider:

1.    Segment your data and evaluate each against the 6 lawful reasons to process data under GDPR. Choose carefully, if you seek consent and don’t get it, you cannot continue to process their data after 25th May 2018.


2.    Take the high ground. Show you care by allowing individuals to select their areas of interest and communication preferences at any time. The information they provide will be a valuable addition to your intelligence.  Include a link to your online ‘Preference Centre’ in all communication.

3.    Protect your reputation. If your data is old or from dubious sources it may be of limited value. Pub chain, JD Weatherspoon has deleted its entire email list and says it will stop sending newsletters by email.

4.    Retain your most valuable contacts. The personal approach may be best. A polite telephone call backed up by call recording will help you prove you have consent to process an individual’s data. 

5.    And finally, document your strategy to demonstrate you have considered GDPR and taken reasonable action. This will form a framework for ongoing data management.

GDPR and call recording: How Oak can help

Oak Innovation specialises in communications management and compliance. Our call recording solutions include advanced data security and compliance options to simplify the execution of common GDPR activities and provide GDPR specific reporting to protect your business interests.

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Active Directory integration
  • Permission-based access
  • Call recording definitions
  • Remove recordings on demand
  • Infinite storage capacity
  • Audit reports of user activity/record deletion

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