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Contact Centres are the lifeblood of a business. They may not hold the decision-making power of the boardroom, but they house the frontline staff responsible for keeping your customers happy and your profits healthy. Understand what is happening in your contact centre, and you will gain a useful measure of how well your business is doing, how you might improve it and which areas are ripe for growth. Whether you operate a large formal call centre, or have a small team working in an informal setting, the old adage applies – there can be no management without measurement.

Any call reporting solution will go some way towards helping a business achieve this. It should be able to identify how many calls the contact centre is making and answering on a day to day basis, who is handling these calls, how much they cost, and when the busiest and quietest times are. It may also include a wallboard display so agents and supervisors have a visual point of reference to monitor individual and group performance throughout the day. By generating a range of reports, a business will be able to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

But with Evolve, this is only the beginning.

In a busy contact centre, tomorrow is sometimes too late. Historic reporting can help you plan for the future, but because it only produces information after the event, it can leave you powerless to act when you really need to, which is right now. The result: opportunities wasted, targets not met, and damage already done. It may even prevent you from getting a truly accurate picture of performance, as historic reports do not take into account reasons behind changes in agent activity such as system issues or even lunch breaks.

Evolve addresses these common challenges with a solution that operates in real-time, for real results.

Evolve is powered by the award-winning Oak Communications Platform (OCP) for a real-time, interactive reporting solution that offers indepth business analysis and greater control over your call handling. In practice, this means the ability to see and respond to what is happening across the contact centre at any given moment. Supervisors can view and manage calls as they come in, ensure sufficient agents are available, and even move calls across queues to reduce waiting times. Cradle-to-grave information is provided on each call as it takes place and in reports (which can be very quickly produced thanks to the powerful backend SQL database), so you know how quickly a call was answered, how well it was handled and what the outcome was. Evolve will pick up and automatically terminate potentially fraudulent calls, and even capture calls that ‘drop off’ before they are answered, so that agents can phone back later and no potential customer is lost.

Evolve also promotes staff performance, whether your priority is sales, service or both.

Evolve offers a call recording module for the play back of calls for training purposes, while an evaluation module helps ensure fundamental service standards are met.  Customisable wallboards provide moment by moment performance indicators, continuously pushing staff to hit their targets. Finally, Evolve’s analytics ensure that you have as accurate a picture of performance as possible, even recognising when and why agents become unavailable and adjusting the data accordingly.

Evolve makes the latest technology available to every business.

Evolve is not the first product of its kind out there, but it is arguably the best: it was named the Best Call Management Solution of 2014 at the Comms National Awards, and the Winner of Most Innovative Channel Product 2015 at this year’s Comms Business Awards.

Evolve is an easy to use, easy to maintain, browser-based solution that can be securely accessed anywhere on any device. It is modular, so you only pay for the features you want, as you want them; you get a top end product at great value for money, and at significantly less cost than the competition. Furthermore, every installation is project managed and supported by Oak from beginning to end. The result is a leading edge solution that goes the extra mile to help you make the very most of your business.

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