Do I need to invest in compliance recording for Teams?

By Laura Waterton

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With an array of third-party recording solutions for Microsoft Teams now on the market, we look at why you might need it and what to look for in a provider.

If you sell or use Teams, you probably already know it includes the option to manually record meetings.

So why would an organization or a Microsoft Solution Provider need to work with a third-party solution like Clarify?  

Well, depending on your business there may be several very compelling reasons. Primarily, it comes down to how Teams fits within your communications architecture: Do you only use it as a internal messaging tool or - as is the case in many organizations - does it now account for a sizeable chunk of your communications both internally and with clients?

If it's the latter, and you have to record your phone calls for compliance purposes, or choose to record them for quality and training, then you should absolutely be thinking about recording your conversations over Teams too.

Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s own framework for identifying the recording requirements of their customers.

The 4 types of recording requirements

Microsoft groups Teams users into four camps according to their recording needs: Convenience, Functional, Organizational and Legal.*  

If your interest in recording comes under ‘convenience’ - i.e. purely for reference, to take minutes, or to share with absent colleagues or customers - then Teams’ own manual recording may be adequate for your needs. The Microsoft license owner and anyone given admin rights can record calls, with participants’ permission, which are then stored in Microsoft Streams, SharePoint or OneDrive. You can decide who can and cannot access the recordings and delete them if required.  Job done.

However, if your requirements fall within ‘functional’, ‘organizational’ or ‘lawful’, then you’ll need to invest in a third-party recorder. This will provide you with more advanced recording features and functionality for automation, quality measurement, performance analysis, and meeting compliance stipulations.

Find a Microsoft Partner

Choosing a third party to partner with is time-consuming and not all recorders are created equal. Whilst there are a growing number of solutions being marketed as Teams’ recorders, for the best functionality and to satisfy compliance, look for those developed by white-listed Microsoft Partners, such as Oak Innovation. This guarantees the best integration using Microsoft’s own Graph API to capture all communications:

  • Seamless, high-quality media capture across devices and all supported endpoints for audio, video, and screen share.
  • Support for interaction capture between Teams users and supported calling endpoints (Teams, Teams Mobile, Skype for Business, PSTN).
  • New administrative policies for compliance recording, including integration with existing Teams administrative calling and meeting tools and policies*

Identify the capabilities you want

If compliance is a priority, make sure your choice of vendor ticks the right boxes. Need to capture internal as well as external communications for MiFID II? Must make sure every call is encrypted and tamperproof for the FCA or Dodd-Frank? Want automated PCI stop/start to make sure you don’t record credit card details by mistake? Want to be able to track who’s accessing and deleting records under GDPR to avoid abuse?  

The right solution will cover all bases.

Look for value-added

Compulsory features accounted for, the best products support a better customer and user experience. Look for evaluation tools to help improve sales and support techniques. Or go a stage further by adding speech analytics, which scans conversations for keywords, script adherence and even emotion, to help identify what’s working and what’s not. It’s another way of engaging with your workforce and providing training, even if they work from home.

Also keep an eye out for useful integrations with other Microsoft business intelligence tools, like Insights or Dynamics CRM for better workflow.

Why choose Clarify?

Oak have been helping businesses to capture calls for decades. We’ve brought all our expertise to Clarify for Teams in a product that works hard and feels good to use. Customers often tell us it’s the best recording UI they’ve come across.

Clarify for Teams can be deployed as a Teams-only solution or in a hybrid environment of Teams + traditional telephony system.

  • Omni-channel recording: Voice, Meetings, Screens
  • Internal, incoming, and outbound communications
  • Compliant with Dodd-Frank, FCA, GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, PCI etc.
  • Secure encryption
  • Infinite storage
  • Automated PCI start/stop recording
  • Permission-based access levels
  • Single logon
  • Voice analysis of keywords and sentiment
  • Call transcription to Microsoft Insights
  • May be integrated with Dynamics CRM
  • Choice of deployment options

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*Source: Microsoft

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