January 07th, 2020 8:11am | Call Recording, Call Reporting, Culture, Quality Management,

By Ian Bevington

A well thought out culture code should be at the heart of every customer focused organization, providing a frame of reference for every aspect of the business from recruitment and training through to the voice and tone of communication. Importantly, it provides a foundation against which performance can be defined, measured and improved.

Here are five ways that a culture code can support customer experience

  1. A happy culture leads to happy customers
    Keeping staff happy helps to present an upbeat, committed service to your customers. Profit-obsessed organisations often fail to engage with their customers or secure loyalty.
  2. Empowered staff take responsibility for customer experience
    Companies that define a trust-based culture reap the benefits. Staff are more likely to take ownership, work together and resolve issues in a positive manner.
  3. What gets measured gets done
    When internal culture, training and customer experience are aligned, your staff are more knowledgeable, more likely to strive for service excellence and better able to commit to metrics.
  4. Highly competitive organisations rarely prioritize their customers
    Unrealistic metrics lead to increased stress, self-centred behaviour and little regard for teamwork. In the contact center, aggressive quantitative measures often impact the quality of conversations.
  5. Staff who feel secure put their organisation first
    Secure, trusted staff are more likely to remain with your organisation and work with colleagues to improve. Conversely, when individuals feel insecure, they’re likely to prioritize their own needs.

How Can Oak Help?

Provide the information frontline staff need to work more effectively using Oak call analytics. Analyse data to present selected information through customized wallboards and reports.

Get new starters up to speed faster by building playlists of best practice calls. Your staff quickly learn the skills they need to deliver a consistently high level of service in line with your culture code.

Provide staff with the tools they need to monitor and improve the quality of conversations using Quality Management. Staff can work together to develop call handling tactics, share winning techniques and succeed through teamwork.

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