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Face to face appointments are being replaced by telephone consultation. Many GP Practices have staff members working at home in self-isolation. All of this is putting extra load on staff members and the telephony infrastructure.  

ContactAssist works with almost any telephony solution to telephony enable clinical record systems, get calls answered and make life easier. ContactAssist can be implemented quickly and easily without disruption to Practice operations.

Free up valuable resources by speeding up call handling

  • Patient and non-patient directories enable callers to be identified before answering a call 
  • See key patient information to speed up caller verification
  • One click to access clinical records


Identify and capture new phone numbers with ease

  • More accurate contact information drives better outbound communication 
  • Get critical information to patients, for example, appointment cancellations and surgery closures


Use alerts to drive better decision making 

  • Identify vulnerable patients, for example, those over 70 years old or with respiratory issues
  • Flag patients with special needs, for example mobility or hearing problems


Speed up outbound communication

  • Click to Dial simplifies telephone consultation by speeding up dialling and avoiding mistakes 
  • One2One Click to Message provides a useful alternative to phone conversations 


Staff working at home. Need to keep control of your resources?

  • Call recording helps managers to protect reputation and monitor conversations 
  • Call analytics helps managers optimise resources and maintain patient service


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