Size up your requirements

When deploying business telephony, larger organisations are more likely to retain an on premises solution, whilst the economy of scale realised through a cloud deployment, may be more attractive to smaller and/or highly distributed businesses.

Similarly, when it comes to payment automation, large single site deployments may be better served by an on premises solution and smaller or multi-site deployments by a cloud service. However, in the case of payment automation, smaller deployments can occur in any size of organisation. A single cloud-based payment service can be applied across a highly distributed organisation and even to home agents, to avoid the network and security challenges often associated with an on premises systems.

How often do you take phone payments?

If you have a large single site call centre dedicated to taking card payments over the phone, an on premises solution may provide you with the best return on investment over the long term. However, given that most routine transactions are taken on-line, your call centre may be left managing more complex enquiries that may or may not result in a payment. A cloud-based payment automation service is likely to be cost-effective in an ad hoc environment.

Is security a priority?

Payment automation promises efficiency improvements, better customer service and reduced risk, but where do your priorities lie? Many organisations continue to hold sensitive card data on site. With appropriate security measures in place, the risk of a data breech can be minimised. However, smaller organisations may lack the specialist knowledge necessary to manage security effectively. A cloud-based payment automation service takes care of compliance by de scoping the office environment from sensitive card information.

How will your requirements evolve?

With more companies focusing on customer experience and digital transformation, the pace of change is likely to accelerate over the next 3 – 5 years. How will this affect the number of transactions you take over the phone? Will digital transformation drive process improvement and connected systems? As PCI DSS compliance evolves are you resourced to manage change? All of this can be costlier to with an on premises solution.  


How can Oak Help?

Oak Innovation provide technology to support customer experience and compliance. PaymentAssist is a payment automation solution that secures card transactions over the phone. The agent assist option works alongside existing agents to simplify PCI DSS compliance and de-scope the office environment from sensitive card information. The self assist option is a fully automated payment IVR service that reduces the cost of card payments over the phone. Our integration expertise allows you to integrate call recording and payment automation into your existing telephone and CRM infrastructure.

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