If change is constant and inevitable then we face a choice, run from change by ignoring it or embrace that change. For most there is a fear factor of the unknown and whilst we may recognise why there is a need for change the real issue becomes one of when do we do it.

Many businesses try and avoid change – after all, the company is doing ok so it can be tempting to stick to the same path and ignore new developments – after all, why try and fix something that is not broken.

But change can come in many forms – upheavals in your business team, new regulations and requirements or new circumstances or technology in your market or industry. Taking the time to understand these new circumstances and how they will affect your business will make it easier to decide if it’s best for you to avoid or embrace them.

Today, business faces many challenges such as financial pressures, recruiting the right people and competitive threats but, ask yourself, ‘when was life really easy in business”’ If it were easy then everyone would be doing it.

Some changes must be embraced, for example compliance with new industry regulation such as the new GDPR data regulations. For many organisations these new rules were a tedious intrusion in to ‘getting on with the day job’ but for others they were a chance to identify business opportunities. Business analyst firm Gartner says that data and analytics leaders should increase awareness of how better business outcomes can arise from changing how their organisation handles personal data.

Across the globe organisations today are typically somewhere on a journey of Digital Transformation that will enable them to mitigate against the risks of being disrupted in their own markets by firms that have already embraced customer first strategies already.

However, some organisations are reluctant to make these changes – a resistance to reason based on not seeing the need or being unwilling to bear a financial cost despite analyst and use cases pointing to double digital advantage in terms of profitability gains being achieved that saw the move as an investment in their future.

How can Oak Help?

Oak Innovation are a provider of recording, reporting and integration software, always with a focus on customer experience and compliance. By staying on top of these two fast changing environments, organisations of all sizes can actively embrace change, be first to market and ‘win in the turns’.

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