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Ian Bevington, Oak Innovation

How It Works

  1. The seller initiates the payment, typically by entering the reference number and payment amount, together with the customers email address or mobile phone number.
  1. The customer receives a message by SMS, email or webchat that includes a unique payment URL. By following a link, the customer can securely enter their payment card details on their own device.
  1. Finally, notification of payment received is returned to the merchant.

Collecting Card Not Present (CNP) payments

Click-To-Pay offers a secure solution to Card Not Present payment, for example, when taking a payment for a product or service over the phone. The agent sends a unique payment link within a webchat, SMS or email message. There’s no need for the customer to enter reference numbers or order information. When the customer completes payment, the agent is notified that payment has been successfully completed.

Collecting Card Present Payments

PDQ machines need regular maintenance and attract significant lease costs. Click-To-Pay offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative and is ideal across a range of industries from car dealerships to travel agencies and house builders.

At the door or on-site payment

Click-To-Pay offers a secure and convenient way to collect payment in a customer’s home, for example, when taking a deposit or a payment before work commences. The payment can be initiated on a tablet or mobile phone. When the customer has completed payment on their device, notification of payment received is returned.

Oak’s PaymentAssist Click-To -Pay service works on all web browsing devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. It is PCI compliant, can fully branded and integrated into CRM systems.


Find out more about PaymentAssist here https://www.oakinnovate.com/integration

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