The hospitality sector extends from holiday parks, hotels and cruise ships through to bars and restaurants to meet a wide variety of needs. Over the past decade, businesses have developed a clear view of their target market, a thorough understanding of customer expectation and highly tailored offerings.

At the economy end of the market, the focus is on offing great value for money. Technology plays a leading role in simplifying process and enabling self-service. At the luxury end of the market, technology may be operating in the background to ensure staff have the information they need to offer a personalised service.

Managing face to face and telephone communication

In a busy customer-facing environment, staff often have to juggle face-to-face service as well as answering calls. Oak call reporting presents real-time performance data in a dashboard style to enable frontline staff to make ‘on the fly decisions’ and manage priorities. Management data can be analysed to optimise workforce schedules and maintain service levels.

Exceptional service

Attracting, training and retaining the best staff can be a challenge within the industry. Call recording can be used to train staff, support continuous improvement, confirm the detail of conversations and resolve disputes before they escalate into more serious issues.

Use call recording for assessing phone interviews for new staff, or to support disciplinary actions in cases of misconduct.

Oak provides standard integrations with a wide range of hospitality applications, including ResDiary and OpenTable.

Enhanced security

Oak solutions make it easy to comply with regulations concerning data protection, including card payments. You can determine the level of access different staff have to recordings, and therefore protect sensitive customer information. There are a number of options to ensure PCI suppression of card payment details.

You can even create rules to record or flag particular numbers, such as calls to the emergency services, to assisting with safeguarding customers.

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