Over recent years, many cost savings have been driven through optimisation of property and human resources. Government organisations are now looking towards digital transformation to make further savings and drive service improvement:

  1. How can we save money and improve service through the application of technology?
  2. Can shared services and technology partnerships help us to access technology more effectively?
  3. What new revenue streams can we tap into?

Rapid Response

Call analytics, wallboards and dashboards monitor line usage, call volumes and staff performance. In a busy frontline service environment, call analytics will help to identify peaks and troughs to improve workforce scheduling, save money and improve service.

Service Excellence

Oak can help by integrating telephony and CRM systems for better workflow and service. A preview window simplifies caller verification on answering a call, before popping the citizen record for further details, to reduce errors and speed up call handling.

By recording calls for training and monitoring purposes, protocols can be enforced and soft skills honed. Quality Measurement enables individual and departmental performance to be evaluated and monitored to defined objectives. Organisations can identify knowledge and skills gaps, spot changes in customer behaviour and share examples of best practice to improve service.

Regulatory Compliance

Encrypted recordings provide a tamperproof audit trail for external investigation, while sophisticated access control levels reduce the risk of internal misconduct. Card payment details can be omitted from transactions for PCI compliance, either manually, or automatically when integrated with the card payment system.

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