Financial organisations typically face pressure to perform on three fronts: regulatory compliance, cost-saving, and service improvement. Oak can help you address all three.

Hassle-free Compliance

Oak call recording helps keep your business in line with FCA, PCI DSS, and MiFID II regulations. Financial advice and authorisation given over the phone (including mobiles) are captured, whilst card payment details are omitted. Encrypted recordings provide a tamperproof trail for auditing purposes, while access levels reduce the risk of internal misconduct. Find out more about compliance →

Cost Saving

Call reporting makes it much easier to manage the volume of any incoming calls, anticipating traffic spikes and helping to pick up on potential problems. It also flags up any unusual call activity, such as particularly long calls, to help intercept fraud.

Service Improvement

Hone soft skills and ensure protocols are adhered to by using recorded calls for training and monitoring purposes. Recordings can also be used to verify contracts, advice, and requests, as well as providing useful evidence in case of disputes.

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