Schools, colleges and universities need a database that’s up-to-date with contact and safeguarding details, so you can manage communications efficiently and securely.

ParentConnect is a contact management solution from Oak Innovation, designed for education providers, to help centralise information, protect students, and get messages out quickly and easily.

Centralise information

When a parent, guardian or student phones in, number recognition opens a pop-up screen of the associated student record. The administrator can view any caller history and add notes to it, helping to ensure the record stays accurate and current.

Improve communication

ParentConnect also lets you send email and SMS messages to single or multiple recipients, so newsletters, invoices, reminders, and even emergency scenarios can be dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Protect students

Since the student record is presented along with the call, any safeguarding issues or other concerns can be made immediately obvious to the person handling the call.

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