Whether you’re a large, multi-site operation looking for a fully integrated solution, or an informal contact centre that needs PCI compliant call recording, we’ll build a solution around your goals.

Excellent sales and service skills

When successful customer interactions are your bread and butter, a high standard of service and communication skills is a must. Call recording is a great place to start, with the ability to playback calls for training and evaluation. Quality Measurement goes a step further, by helping you assess and track performance over time to ensure progress.

Hands-on contact centre management

Call reporting and wallboards give you a better grasp on line usage, call volumes and staff activity. Live reporting will help pre-empt issues or spikes in traffic, so you can take action accordingly. Over time, you’ll be able to make predictions with more accuracy, so you can save money on unused lines and over-staffing and still keep caller waiting times to a minimum. You can even access ‘lost call’ details, so you can schedule call-backs during quiet periods.

Both call recording and reporting can be integrated with your CRM and other systems, to further improve workflow. The addition of time-saving tools such as diallers, SMS messaging, and multi-media management, will make you even more efficient and co-ordinated in your activity.

Peace of mind

All call recordings are encrypted, so you have tamperproof evidence of who said what – you can check contracts and agreements, and have a better chance of settling any disputes with customers amicably.

Our call recording solutions support a range of compliance options to help you meet GDPR, FCA, MiFID II and PCI-DSS regulations.

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