Tick All The Boxes

Advanced Encryption

256 bit AES encryption ensures recorded calls are tamperproof. Protects businesses and customers from internal misconduct, and provides legitimate evidence of customer interactions before a court of law in case of disputes.

Access Control

Different access levels define who can and can’t view certain records and information. Upholds people’s rights to anonymity and privacy and protects vulnerable parties.

Intelligent Archiving

Tags, flags, masks and marks can be added to call recordings. Makes searching, sorting and retrieving call information as quick and easy as possible.

Record Deletion

Caller information may be deleted at the caller’s request, provided it must not otherwise be retained by law. Upholds a person’s right to privacy and control of their details. Encrypted recordings can also be emailed or exported as MP3 files to customers on demand.

Audit Financial Conduct

Call recording captures evidence of financial advice and transactions conducted over the phone. A regulatory requirement for all financial investors and advisors involved in all or part of a transaction process over the phone.

Stereo Recording

Allows each side of a recorded conversation to be listened to separately. Legal firms may use stereo recording to help establish precisely who said what on the phone.

Optimum storage

Oak systems have the capacity to store huge volumes of calls for as long as you need. MiFID II requires that call recordings be stored for at least five years, and in some cases as long as seven.

Card Digit Suppression

A choice of manual and automatic pause/resume options are available on Oak call recording solutions. PCI DSS regulations require that adequate measures are taken to ensure card digits taken over the phone are not recorded.